AS3 - Codecov Breach

Codecov is a popular code coverage utility that is used as stem in the CI/CD of many companies.



T0103 - Scan Public Artifacts For Secrets

The attackers scanned Docker Hub and discovered git credentials in the official Codecov image
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T0142 - Accidental Public Disclosure Of Internal Resources

The git credentials was indeliberately saved in the public docker image
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Initial Access

T0114 - Compromised Service Account

The attackers gained access to Codecov's Git repo
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T0191 - Malicious Code In Artifacts

The Bash Uploader script was modified to exfiltrate environnent variables of the running system
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Resource Development

T0121 - Compromised Legitimate Artifact

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Initial Access

T0122 - Vulnerability In Third-Party CI/CD Actions

The Bash Uploader script was used as part of 3rd party Github actions
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T0118 - Command Injection

When the Codecov image was executed - the malicious implant in the Bash Uploader script exflitrated environment variable to the attacker controlled
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T0159 - Malicious Artifact Execution

Customers that utilized the Codecov image were impacted
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Credential Access

T0140 - Harvest Tokens From Environment Variables

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Codecov users